Hi there! My name is Tina!

I’m a huge lover of food. And when you love food as much as I do, you love both cooking and also, you guessed it, eating at lots of delicious restaurants!

I was born in Taiwan, and moved to the States when I was 4. All my mom’s siblings lived across the States by the time we moved here, so we got to visit a variety of locations – Detroit, Tulsa, and Atlanta. We ended up settling in the suburbs of Atlanta – particularly, in the city of Duluth.

If you are familiar with the different areas of metro Atlanta, you may be thinking – oh Duluth, that’s where a lot of the Asian food /stores are! Well, that seems to be the case now, but I have to say that was definitely not the case when I was growing up here.

Fun Fact – the mall from Stranger Things? That’s actually filmed in the Gwinnett Mall in Duluth! That’s more like the Duluth I remember growing up today – so that should give you some perspective as to how much it’s changed!

Back in the day, Buford Highway was the only area it seemed that had this massive diversity – I remember days where I went to Chinese school every Saturday in Chinatown / Chinese Cultural Center!

Nowadays Duluth and Buford Highway, and actually many metro Atlanta areas feature delicious Asian food, and have Asian super markets.

Since I also work in Sandy Springs, live in Midtown now, and am 100% willing to travel for good food – I always venture out to check out delicious restaurants and stores too!

I love sharing what I love to eat – and that’s what this blog is about. So I hope you enjoy – and let me know if you ever think of any restaurants you would like me to check out and write a review on!

By the way – are you interested in hearing what it was like growing up as an Taiwanese American in Atlanta? Check out my interview on We Love Buford Highlway’s pod cast – Voices of a Highway: Celebrating AAPI Voices.

Also on other news – in my free time I’m spoiling my puppy dog – Simba, the Chipoo (He’s a chihuahua poodle mix):